Parkour, Floorwork, Contact Impro,...

Friday, 26th of june / Saturday, 27th of June / Thursday, 25th of June

MOVING CELLS proposes a variety of Workshops, both aimed at Dancers and Curious.


BACK TO THE SEE: FISH & CHIPS (“Retour à la mer”) – Marie Orts (France)

We offer a time of exploration and transmission, that will fill the studio with aquatic fictions. By means of metaphor, we will transform ourselves into maritime monsters of all sorts, and we will explore different body techniques such as swimming, surfing, apnea, mutating, parading, navigating,… In this Improvisation Bathing, we will laugh and make laugh, and we will eat up together a choreographic Fish & Chips

Check out “Seabed” (“Fond”), the performing side of Marie Orts’ “Back to the See” project. Friday  and Saturday during the “Performance Series” and Sunday at the Dance Picnic!

Thursday, June 25th (Engerststraße 6), Friday, June 26th (Tanz Zentrale) and Saturday, June 27th (Engertstraße 6) // always at 10.00AM. (1,5 hours)

Sunday, during the Dance Picnic, all participants are invited to a small conclusion performance!


CHOREOGRAPHY – Ricardo Gali (Brazil)

“A mente como corpo coreográfico” (“The mind as a choreographic body”)
This workshop is meant to share and develop the creative tools that Ricardo Gali applies and methodifies in his works.

A great occasion to get to know Ricardo before the production of “Movement for a single man” on our stage saturday night!

Thursday, June 25th – 13.00PM (2 hours) @ Tanz Zentrale


DANCE, PARKOUR & ARCHITECTURE – Jerônimo Bittencourt (Brazil) and Twio X e.V. (Leipzig)

Jerônimo Bittencourt is one of the two dancers of “Movement for a single man”. He combines Dance & Parkour in his own way, and proposes us this workshop, in cooperation with the local Parkour specialists, Twio X.

“We investigate physical concience in relation to architecture. Through synesthetic exercices, different ways of perceiving the environment are explored. Through balance, impulse, damping, jumping, climbing and small paths, the participant “reframes” his body as he enters into a new relation with the space around him. What emerges from of this refined contact is the dance with architecture, the dance that rediscovers the surroundings and recreates landscapes.

Thursday, June 25th – 4.00PM (2 hours) – Alte Messe


FLOORWORK: FRAGILITY & RISK – Natalia Vallebona (Belgium)

“My world speaks about a strong body, ready, dynamic and flexible.
A body with a fragile soul.
This fragility is one way to meet the error, fundamental element to develop the creative machine. “

We will use the ground to develop physical sequences. Hand standing, spinning, sliding, falling… These will be some elements that we’ll use to take some risks and to arrive in a power fragility of the body. We will try to combine the virtuosity of break dance with the fluidity of contemporary dance language to reveal a poetics of multidimensional body. The objective is to develop a “technical but not formal” approach of movement.
Keywords: need, focus, concentration, transformation, body’s musicality .

Friday, June 26th and Saturday, June 27th – 12.30AM (2 hours) @ Tanz Zentrale


CONTACT IMPROVISATION – Frédéric Holzwarth (Leipzig)

apex—Laboratory for applied physics and experimental chemistry in Contact Improvisation
We will explore the physical aspects of CI: lifting and flying, jumping, falling, landing. – The moving body.
And we will experiment with the “biochemical” aspects of CI: attraction and repulsion, emotion, action, embodiment. – The live body.

Thursday, June 25th – 17.00PM (2.5 hours) @ Engertstraße 6



“Contact Improvisation appears to me as an essential subcultural communication technique.

It’s about listening and leaning on one another. The workshop is open to anyone and will challenge each participant without overstraining anyone!”

Friday, June 26th – 12.30AM (2 hours) @ Engertstraße 6


CONTACT IMPROVISATION – Ulrike Christl (Leipzig)

“Moving with shared weight and exploring the backspace.

Moving with shared weight is one basic principle of Contact Improvisation. In this workshop we research how we can move with a partner in a playful way. We explore how we can organize our bodies to move together through the space, finding ways to change levels, opportunities of lifting and finding ways to get a taste of the (unknown) backspace.

The class is open for all levels.

Saturday, June 26th – 12.30AM (2 hours) @ Engertstraße 6



Saturday, June 27th – 10.00AM (2 hours) @ Tanz Zentrale  (10 euros is the price for each “Kid+Adult” pair)



“Origo is a game playing with the unity of Me-Here-Now, offering a language that wants to bring a platform to our inner gaps.” Johannes Setzer

For the installation, Johannes Setzer gave himself an additional fourth Game Rule. The Origo-Installation in Leipzig should address a playful invitation to the world, from which no-one could be excluded. The rules of the game are such, that people from any social background can participate. Since the rule focuses on the inner gaps/vacancies/blankspaces, the political orientation of the performer is freed from taboos. The voluntariness, non-profit orientation of the project creates an purposelessness that is essential to playing.

The form enables deaf people to play with their kinesthetic sensations. Blind people can perceive the stories told by the game through the sounds of the videos, the steps and breathing of the performer.

Play Origo



click “record video” on your smartphone,
click “play” on your favorite music on your MP3 player
and put your video online.




-The name you want to have
-The audio-title you were listening/dancing to, if you want to reveal it (it’s a further game!)
-The place where you filmed and the date
-Moving Cells –
-The rules of the game: 1. one take, 2. one audio device, exclusively available to the performer, 3. share the resulting video with the other players



Play "FreeCells"





The name you want to have
The place where you filmed and the date
Moving Cells –
The game/rule that you used.



"FreeCells" mitspielen





Wie du dich nennen willst
Der Ort, an dem Du aufgenommen hast und das Datum 
Moving Cells –
Die Spielregel die du benutzt hast.




Origo ist ein Spiel, das sich um die Einheit von Ich-Hier-Jetzt dreht und eine Sprache stellt, welches unseren inneren Leerstellen eine Plattform bieten will.“ Johannes Setzer

Für die Installation hat sich Johannes eine zusätzliche vierte Regel gedacht. Die Origo-Installation in Leipzig soll eine Spielaufforderung an die Welt stellen, bei der möglichst wenige Menschen ausgeschlossen werden. Durch die Spielregeln können Menschen jeder sozialen Schicht teilnehmen, ob am High-End oder Refugee. Da die Spielregeln sich auf die innere Leerstelle konzentrieren, werden politische Gesinnungen des Performers enttabuisiert. Die Freiwilligkeit und Absenz von Profitorientierung stellt die für das Spiel essentielle Zwecklosigkeit.    

Durch die Form können Gehörlose Ihre kinästhetischen Empfindungen nutzen, um mitzuspielen. Blinde können als Rezipienten mit den Geräuschen der Videos, der Schritte und Atemrythmen die Erzählungen erleben.

Origo mitspielen



auf seinem Smartphone auf Record klickt, 
auf seinem MP3-Player sein Lieblingslied abspielt 
und dann das Video online stellt.




Wie du dich nennen willst
Dein Audio-Titel, wenn du willst (das ist ein weiteres Spiel!)
Der Ort, an dem Du aufgenommen hast und das Datum 
Moving Cells – Origo –
Die Spielregeln: 1. ein Take 2. ein ausschließlich-für-den-Performer-Audio-bereitstellendes Gerät  3. das entstandene Video mit dir und allen, die Origo mit Dir spielen wollen, teilen.